Spring Fieldtrip

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Registration for the Spring Fieldtrip to the Boulonnais (NW France) is open. Check the fieldtrips page.

Changes in board

Saturday 22 February 2014

At the AGM last week we said goodbye to Shirley van Heck who decided to step down after serving three years as secretary. Thank you very much Shirley!

We welcomed Lida (secretary) and Mart (vice excursion secretary) as our new board members.

First lecture 2014 online

Thursday 16 January 2014

The first lecture of the new year was well attended an very well received. Thank you all for coming and a special thanks to the speaker Harry Doust. The slides are now online and can be foud in the archive section.


Upcoming Events



Thursday 8 May 2014 - Sunday 11 May 2014  

Spring fieldtrip to the Boulonnais (NW France)

Guide: Olivier Averbuch and colleagues (Université de Lille 1)

A date for you diary: the Geo-Gastronomical field trip will take place around the dates mentioned above.

When: Thursday 8 May (late afternoon) – Sunday 11 May (evening)
Travel: touring car from Netherlands
Where: Boulonnais region, near the coastal town of Wimereux
Objective: dynamics of Cenozoic inversion of Upper Jurassic deposits in terms of structural geology, source rocks, syn-rift fluids, sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy. This will all be combined with the better side of regional French gastronomy.
Guide: Olivier Averbuch and colleagues (Université de Lille 1)
Price: €340 including travel, accommodation and food and drinks


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Thursday 25 September 2014 - Sunday 28 September 2014  

September fieldtrip to the Jurassic Coast of South England

Guide: Harry Doust

When: Thursday 25 September – Sunday 28 September
Travel: flights (or train) to Exeter and from Southampton, local travel by touring car
Where: Jurassic Coast, between Exeter and Southampton
1. To study the evolution of migrating Mesozoic rift basin development, through synrift, postrift, inversion and post-inversion cycles
2. To study the sedimentology of important analogue reservoir units for the Southern Permian Basin
3. To follow the development of an important petroleum system based on Jurassic source rocks, Triassic reservoirs and Tertiary inversion anticlines
Guide: Harry Doust (professor of Regional & Petroleum Geology at VU University)
Price: to be announced
The trip is planned around these flights, the excursion starts early Friday morning:
Outward flight: Thursday 25 September: FlyBE flight BE 1534. Departure AMS Schiphol 14.33, arrival Exeter 15.05. Single fare approx. Euro 76.78
Return: Sunday 28 September: FlyBE flight BE 1017. Departure Southampton 17.55 arrival AMS Schiphol 20.20. Single fare approx.: Euro 72.76