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Wednesday 15 November 2017

Join us on the 20th of December, 2017 for the Christmas Lecture "Prehistoric humankind adapted to changing sea-levels, so why can't we?" by Salomon Kroonenberg followed by the Christmas buffet dinner and party at Luden. To see more info and to register follow this link

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Tuesday 19 September 2017

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Saturday 9 September 2017


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Wednesday 17 January 2018  17:00 - 19:00

PGK Monthly Lecture: Unfaulting, unfolding and unconformities in the Schoonebeek Oil Field, the Netherlands

Lecturer: Kees W. Rutten

Program Wednesday 17th January, 2018 : 17:00-18:00 Social hour; 18:00-19:00 Lecture

Unfaulting, unfolding and unconformities in the Schoonebeek Oil Field, the Netherlands

Kees W. Rutten Slokkert Consultancy;

We have applied the Landmark ezValidator software on the 2005 NAM high-resolution seismic survey of the Schoonebeek oil field to clarify the stratigraphic relationships of the Early Cretaceous Bentheim Sandstone Member reservoir unit to its underlying and overlying successions. ezValidator ( provides a view of the seismic after restoration, i.e. unbroken by faults, and unfolded on one or more horizons. Unconformities can be shown as gaps representing missing section.

The original seismic survey was post-processed using a Structural Oriented Filter for noise reduction (Fig. 1). Three major unconformities are shown in the restored section (Fig. 2). The unconformity gaps are determined by the unfolding of seven horizons, using a top and a base horizon for each unconformity. This display can be interpreted like a Wheeler diagram.

The deepest, Late Jurassic unconformity (Weiteveen-C; Atlantic break-up) shows little missing section in the center and major erosion on the sides. The center part apparently subsided prior to the unconformity, protecting the sediments locally. In addition, there might be several other unconformities just above and below the mapped Weiteveen-C level.

The base-Bentheim unconformity shows substantial erosion of the underlying Coevorden Formation towards the NE side and limited erosion on the SW flank. The Coevorden Formation was protected by subsidence on the SW flank prior to unconformity time. On the NE side, above the unconformity, sediment formed a wedge onlapping onto the unconformity.

Two complementary displays provide more detail of the base-Bentheim unconformity. The first display (Fig. 3) highlights the paleostructure by unfolding the unconformity itself, assuming that the unconformity peneplenated the underlying succession. This shows the paleostructure of the subsided SW flank of the Coevorden Formation. The second display (Fig. 4) highlights the interaction of the stratigraphy by unfolding on a horizon above and a horizon below, while the unconformity itself is shown as a gap determined by the unfolding space requirements. This shows the onlapping wedge on the NE side really well. By mapping thickness variations and seismic reflection terminations in these structural and stratigraphic displays the relative timing and onlap/offlap/erosion relationships of the sediments above and below the unconformity can be defined.

The Paleocene unconformity (Fig. 1) shows the Late Cretaceous uplift and Early Tertiary erosion in the center. Towards both flanks the earlier sediments were protected. The bowl-shaped unconformity gap is the opposite of the butterfly-shaped gap of the Weiteveen-C unconformity.


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Thursday 1 February 2018

KNGMG, SPE-NL, PGK and KIVI: Groningen Symposium: The Science Behind the Groningen Gas Field


Symposium on seismicity induced by gas production from the Groningen Field. For further details and to register go to



Saturday 10 February 2018 - Wednesday 21 February 2018  

PGK/AAPG-YP Excursion to Oman

Organiser: PGK / AAPG YP


Join the PGK-AAPG Young Professionals on our first international geological excursion, to beautiful Oman, famous for its variety and geological treasures! Prof. Wiekert Visser and Dr. Corien Hoek will introduce us to the unique geology and cultural heritage of Muscat, the Omani mountains, and the beautiful wadis and sand dunes. We invite enthusiasts from all ages to join, though please note that to limit costs, the level of luxury is limited compared to regular PGK excursions (i.e. camping in the field).
- Saterday 10 February - Wednesday 21 february 2018

- Costs ~800 euros p.p. exc. flights (including local transport, food, hotels in muscat, camping)