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Monday 16 May 2016

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Newsletter Archive - expanded to 1981!!

Friday 29 January 2016

The availability of newsletter has now been extended back to 1981. The pre-1993 newsletters are available as documents combining all newsletters for an entire year. Please enjoy reading about the good old times and PGK history.
A very big thank you to Youri Poslaswky for collecting these documents through the years and sharing them with us for posterity.

PGK-AAPG YP monthly social

Monday 11 January 2016

The PGK-AAPG monthly social is back. Every first Wednesday of the month (starting on the 3rd of February in the Beergarden) from 18pm the PGK-AAPG YP board invites all interested in a chat and a beverage to join them. For more info, keep an eye on this page.


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Wednesday 14 September 2016  17:00 - 19:00

Monthly Lecture: Fluvial fans and megafans: modern evidence and geologic models (or: what really infills continental basins…)

Lecturer: Dario Ventra

17:00-18:00: Social Hour
18:00-19:00: Fluvial fans and megafans: modern evidence and geologic models (Or: what really infills continental basins…)

Fluvial fans and megafans have been recently reevaluated for their relevance to sediment distribution within modern continental basins, and may have contributed to the aggradation of thick alluvial successions forming a large fraction (if not the majority) of non-marine stratigraphic records. An increasing body of research on active fans worldwide is illustrating common processes and dynamics from channel to system scale, while highlighting differences related to specific climatic settings, and interactions with surrounding sedimentary environments. At the same time, studies on the geology of ancient (Proterozoic to Plio-Quaternary) fan deposits show that long-term progradation of these systems produces consistent architectural signatures and trends, such as vertical stacking of laterally extensive, tabular units of amalgamated channel fills and overbank fines with minimal erosional discontinuities, poorly developed pedogenic horizons, and regionally predictable, proximal-to-distal fining of coarser facies associations and reduction in the volume, dimension and connectivity of channel fills. Fluvial deposits are among the hardest to tackle for hydrocarbon and groundwater development, due to their hierarchical heterogeneity and especially to difficult assessment of palaeohydrologic and process trends on regional scales. The predictable spatial organization of facies associations and trends in fluvial-fan successions, confirmed by numerous examples, suggests that depositional models for thick alluvial units in the subsurface should include possible accumulation in fan settings, improving success from preliminary basin exploration to more advanced phases of reservoir characterization and production.

Dario Ventra

TNO (Petroleum Geoscience), Utrecht, Netherlands
& Department of Earth Sciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland


KIVI Building
Prinsessegracht 23
2514 AP
Den Haag
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Sunday 25 September 2016  08:00 - Saturday 1 October 2016  

Petroleum Geology of rifted continental margins High Atlas, Morocco

Guide: Giovanni Bertotti (TU Delft)

Petroleum Geology of rifted continental margins High Atlas, Morocco
25th September – 1st October
Leader: Giovanni Bertotti (TU Delft).
•Sedimentology, stratigraphy, structural and petroleum geology
•Carboniferous, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous. Siliciclastics and carbonates

Details can be found in this flyer

Price: € 499 (shared room) and € 654 (single room). The flights are excluded in the price.

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