Our board

The board of the PGK consists of seven volunteers from academia and industry that have a background in petroleum geology. They can be contacted by sending a message through the "contact" menu above.

Ivo Vos 



Aart-Peter van de Berg van Saparoea 


Vice Chairman 

Andrea Gootjes 

Dana Energy 


Andrea Vondrak 



Susanne Nelskamp 


Excursion Secretary 

Joost Roholl 


Vice Excursion Secretary 

Ulf Boeker 



Colin Howard 


Web Transition Advisor 

Who are we?

The Petroleum Geologische Kring (PGK - Petroleum Geological Circle) is the Dutch network of commercial and academic professionals for petroleum exploration and has its seat in The Hague, the Netherlands.

PGK is a subsidiary of KNGMG (Royal Netherlands Geological and Mining Society). All members of PGK are professionally involved (or studying) petroleum exploration, geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering or mining and working in the Dutch petroleum industry. With many students, academic and retired members, our Circle has over 300 members. We have a wide audience with an open, friendly character, and a long history since 1978. The objective of the PGK is the increase and dissemination of knowledge of petroleum geology in its widest sense and to promote networks and co-operation among geologists, geophysicists, paleontologists, petroleum engineers and all those interested in petroleum geology. This is achieved by a variety of means.

The cost of membership is 25 euro per year (as per 2016). As a member you are welcome to bring one guest to a regular meeting.

Please refer to the secretary if you would like to become a member of the PGK or fill in the online form.


Every third Wednesday of the month PGK organizes for their members a meeting in the KIvI building, Prinsessegracht 23 in The Hague. Each meeting starts with a social hour (“borrel”) from 17h to 18h, an excellent way to meet other members. Lectures start at 18h covering a wide range of scientific, industrial, economical and social topics. In total there are ten PGK meetings per year. There are no meetings during July and August.

Every year PGK organizes at least one, one-day excursion and a weekend field trip. Over the years the field trips have combined an excellent geological programme during the day, with an even better social programme during the evening. Past destinations have included amongst others: Helgoland, Northumberland, Limburg, Pleistocene and Maastrichtien quarries, and the Harz Mountains.

The single-day excursion is a perfect occasion to meet other members or to introduce new members to our Circle. Some of the more recent destinations we have been to iclude the tidal flats of "Het Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe", AKZO Nobel salt mining facilities, the Winterswijk Muschelkalk quarry, and geological city fieldtrips to Amsterdam and The Hague to see how geological history has controlled the urbanization process in PGK's hometown. Click here for our planned excursions and here for a historic overview.

All members receive, by email, a newsletter containing an overview of the activities of the Circle ~ten times per year.

PGK signs agreement of association with EAGE

At the annual general meeting on February 16 2011, PGK signed an agreement of association with the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) for closer cooperation in future.  The agreement was signed by Gitta Zaalberg and Bas van der Es on behalf of the PGK, Menno de Ruigh on behalf of KNGMG and Marcel van Loon on behalf of EAGE. This agreement enables the PGK to invite one EAGE distinguished lecturer for its meetings each year and to communicate PGK events through the First Break, EAGE newsletter and  website. EAGE and PGK have furthermore the intention to organise a yearly joint lecture.

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