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The board of the PGK consists of seven volunteers from academia and industry that have a background in petroleum geology. They can be contacted by sending a message through the "contact" menu above.

Ivo Vos 



Aart-Peter van de Berg van Saparoea 


Vice Chairman 

Andrea Gootjes 

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Excursion Secretary 

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Regulations for the Petroleum Geological Circle of the Royal Geological and Mining Society of The Netherlands

Article 1. Name and Objective
Section 1.

The Petroleum Geological Circle of the Royal Geological and Mining Society of The Netherlands (abbreviated to KNGMG) will have as its objective the increase and dissemination of knowledge of petroleum geology in its widest sense, and the promotion of fellowship and co-operation among geologists, geophysicists, palaeontologists, petroleum engineers and all those interested in petroleum geology. Where possible, an attempt will be made to meet this objective in close co-operation with KNGMG's 'Mining', 'Geophysical' and 'Sedimentological' circles.

Section 2.

The Petroleum Geological Circle has been established 12th June 1978, and has its seat at The Hague, The Netherlands.

Section 3.

The Petroleum Geological Circle will attempt to meet its objectives by:

  1. regularly organised lectures at ordinary meetings
  2. symposia and excursions
  3. maintaining contacts with national and international organisations with similar objectives
  4. convening at least one annual general meeting
  5. reporting news relevant to the profession in KNGMG's newsletter
  6. all other legal means
Article 2. Relation to KNGMG
Section 1.

The activities of the Petroleum Geological Circle must not conflict with the Constitution and Regulations of the KNGMG.

Section 2.

In consulation with KNGMG the Petroleum Geological Circle may be allowed to represent KNGMG in international organisations.

Section 3.

One of the committee members of the Circle who should also be a voting member of the KNGMG, will be appointed by the Circle's Chairman to be a member of KNGMG's Society Council.

Article 3. Membership
Section 1.

There shall be four categories of membership in the circle:

  1. Active members, who are also ordinary members, honorary members, student members or associated members of KNGMG. These will be known as ordinary members (o).
  2. Active members, who are also ordinary members of an earth-science organisation or institution recognised by KNGMG. They will be known as extraordinary members (e)
  3. Temporary members, who are not members of any earth-science organisation or institution, and/or who are only temporarily resident in The Netherlands. Subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, such personsĀ  may become temporary members (t) without voting rights for a period of one year. After this period the temporary membership shall be converted into an active membership, or the the temporary member shall resign or be suspended.
  4. Supporting members are those organisations, institutions or companies which have expressed an interest in contributing to the promotion of oil geology in The Netherlands (s).
Section 2.

Requests for membership must be directed for the Executive Committee. Membership in one of the four categories will be granted provided:

  1. A questionaire is completed, signed and returned to the secretary.
  2. the applicant's request will be announced at a subsequent ordinary meeting. The applicant may attend that meeting as a guest.
  3. No objections from the members are filed with the executive committee within two weeks after announcement of the applicant's intentions.
Section 3.

The annual membership fee will be yearly established at the annual general meeting; an organisation or institution becomes a supporting member when contributing a yearly minimum of Nfl. 100,-. All fees are payable at the beginning of each calendar year.

Section 4.

Membership of the Circle terminates:

  1. By giving notice in writing before the end of the calendar year. Letters should be addressed to the Secretary.
  2. By suspension after decision of the Executive Committee. Suspension will follow when a member has been more than one calendar year in arrear with payment of fees or after behaviour conflicting with the interests of the Circle, KNGMG or the profession. In the former case, reinstatement can be effected after payment of the arrears and current fees due, in the latter case, the suspended member may appeal to an ordinary meeting and, upon a majority vote in his favour, may be reinstated.
Article 4. Election and duties of the Executive Committee
Section 1.

The Executive Committee shall consist of four members of whom at least one should be a member of KNGMG. The following functionaries will be elected:

  1. Chairman
  2. Vice-Chairman
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
Section 2.

The Vice-chairman and the Treasurer will be elected one year, the Chairman and the Secretary the next year. Officers shall be elected at the annual general meeting by active members (o and e) of the Circle as follows: Eight weeks before the annual general meeting the Executive Committee shall nominate one or more candidates for each office, on the understanding that each candidate must have consented to his nomination. These nominations shall be presented to the members of the Circle in writing, signed by at least five active members of good standing, and submitted to the Secretary, listing in alphabetic order the names, addresses and professional affiliations of the candidates for each office and a secret ballot at the annual general meeting shall be conducted. The new officers shall take office forthwith after presentation and approval of the annual report of the previous year at the annual general meeting.

Section 3.

No officer shall hold the same office for more than two consecutive periods. No officer can exceed three consecutive periods in the executive committee.

Section 4.

The Chairman shall be the presiding officer at all meeting of the Circle. He shall appoint such committees as are required for the benefit of the Circle. At the annual general meeting the Chairman shall submit to the Circle a report on the activities of the Circle during the past year, together with plans formulated by the executive committee for future activities of the Circle.

Section 5.

The Vice-chairman shall assume the duties of the Chairman in event of a vacancy in that office occurring, and shall assume the duties of the Chairman in case of absence or disability of the latter.

Section 6.

The Secretary shall record all meetings as directed by the Chairman or Vice-chairman. He shall, in addition, maintain a current membership list. He shall regularly submit an account of the Circle's activities to the editorial board of KNGMG's newsletter and he shall take care of the preparation and posting of invitations to members to attend meetings and ballots.

Section 7.

The Treasurer shall assume the duties of Secretary in the case of absence of the Secretary. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial records of the Circle. He shall control all funds of the Circle and under the direction of the Executive Committee shall arrange all payments necessary. He shall submit at the Annual General Meeting a report covering the receipts and disembursements of the Circle during the previous year and a balance sheet showing the financial status of the Circle. The report shall be audited and signed by at least two other members of the Executive Committee.

Section 8.

Vacancies in the Executive Committee that are not covered by the succession outlined in the foregoing section will be filled by an election for one or more candidates put forward by the Executive Committee (and consented to by the candidates), or for one or more candidate(s) put forward by at least five active members of the Circle and consented to by the candidate(s), at the first meeting after the one in which the vacancy has been announced and the Executive Committee's candidates have been named. A simple majority of the votes cast in a secret ballot shall be sufficient for a candidate to be elected.

Article 5. Meeting and activities
Section 1.

Ordinary meetings of the Circle shall be held as desired at a time and place indicated by the executive committee.

Section 2.

One Annual General Meeting shall be held in the winter at time and place indicated by the Executive Committee.

Section 3.

Executive Committee meetings shall be held at time and place indicated by the Executive Committee.

Section 4.

For symposia and excursions and for special projects and assignments the Chairman shall appoint committees and committee members as he deems necessary or desirable. Such appointed committees shall have the authority to form their own organisation in the areas of finance, records, publications or other items that they may deem necessary.

Article 6. Amendments and dissolution
Section 1.

The regulations may be amended and added to by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at any ordinary meeting, provided that the proposed amendment or addition has first been circulated to all members not less than one month before a vote is taken.

Section 2.

In all cases not covered by these Regulations, the Executive Committee's decision is final. Their decision should be upheld at the next ordinary meeting by a simple majority vote of all members present.

Section 3.

On dissolution of the Circle, the Executive Committee shall arrange for any funds remaining in the Treasury to be distributed appropriately. It is the intention that such funds be contributed to the advancement of academic training for petroleum geology in the Netherlands.