*** This event is fully booked. Please send an e-mail to Ben de Wever + Marianne van Unen to apply for the waiting list. ***

Various styles of volcanism in the context of the Calabrian arc complex tectonic deformation: Eastern Sicily & Aeolian islands

Monday evening 14 September to Saturday 19 September 2020


The Petroleum Geologische Kring organizes an exciting field trip to eastern Sicily and the Aeolian islands. The first part of the program (part 1) encompasses visits to the famous volcanoes: Etna, Stromboli and Vulcano. The visit to these volcanoes will be guided by experts from the INGV (Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e vulcanologia) who can share petrological and volcanological information and will explain the occurrence of volcanism in the context of the Calabrian arc subduction complex. In the second part of the program (part 2) the Calabrian arc subduction complex will be explained in more detail, which entails visits to outcrops in the frontal part of the Sicilian fold-and-thrust belt in Southern Sicily. Eventually, all the observations will be linked to the ongoing compression between Africa and Adria and the complex tectono-stratigraphic setting in the Western and Central Mediterranean, which are mainly the result of complex divergence and convergence motions between Africa and Europe since the Triassic. Reference will be made to the different oil and gas field types in Italy that occur in this context.

Detailed planning

Part 1: Volcanoes
This will include a visit to the Etna observatory and important outcrops on the flanks of this giant volcano. Participants will experience a number of Stromboli eruptions during an afternoon and evening ascent and descent of Stromboli. On day three, we will visit Vulcano where we will climb to the top of the volcanic island and observe active fumaroles. Stromboli and Vulcano are two Aeolian islands that we will travel to by boat.

Part 2: Frontal part of the Sicilian fold-and-thrust belt
On day four and five we will visit multiple outcrops in the frontal part of the Sicilian fold and thrust belt; i.e. mud volcanoes, exposed thrust faults and other features related to fluid movement in an active accretionary complex.


Besides the scientific program, there will also be time allocated to visit the cultural highlights of Taormina, Catania, Syracuse and the UNESCO heritage site of Villa Casale with beautifully preserved mosaics of a roman Villa.


The field trip starts Monday 14 September 21:30 and finishes Saturday 19 September 19:00 at the airport of Catania. Recommended flights for the field trip are:

  • Transavia HV5217: Amsterdam (18:30) – Catania (21:20)
  • Transavia HV5218: Catania (22:40) – Amsterdam (01:50)

Of course, everybody can choose to fly a different route and take the opportunity to explore this beautiful part of the world before or after the field trip.

We will accept up to 28 participants to this field trip and the principle of first come – first serve will apply (also per accommodation category – see below). Registration is open from Monday 24 February 2020. In view of the limited website functionality, we will delay official registration and payment via the website until the new website if fully functional. However, you can already register by sending an e-mail to ben.dewever@gmail.com (Please cc marianne.vanunen@tno.nl). A waiting list will apply for the field trip, but that does not guarantee you a spot on the trip.

Instead of the usual two price levels for single and double room accommodation that applies at PGK field trips, we will work with three different price levels. This is the result of the limited availability of accommodation on Stromboli where less single rooms are available.



Available places


Accomodation category I

Single room throughout the field trip



Accomodation category II

Single room except in Stromboli (double room)



Accomodation category III

Double room



These prices include all transportation (boats, mini-vans), hotels and food (breakfasts, lunch and dinner). Drinks up to a reasonable level are also covered in the price. The flights are not included in the price and all participants need to take care of their own air transportation.


Word of caution

Please be aware that field trip participants need to have a good basic fitness level to complete all aspects of the trip. The climb to the top of Stromboli (approximately 900 m above sea level) occurs on steep slopes on mostly loose gravel paths. Also the climb to the top of Vulcano (500 m above sea level) can be considered strenuous for people without a good basic fitness level.

September 14th, 2020 12:00 AM   through   September 19th, 2020 12:00 AM